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After seeing the video, what do you think of the campaign to "make Kony famous"?   Things that you might want to discuss or comment upon:  What does the filmmaker use to get attention?  How well does he explain the situation in Uganda?  Is this an effective method of getting public and government action?  What if this cause were not one that most people would support?  In what way do you think the video could be changed or improved?  What do you think the short term and long term impacts of this campaign will be?
3/25/2012 03:08:37

I think that the campaign is a good cause, however, since it is become accepted to know that Kony is not in Uganda, but perhaps in the Congo or another region, I do not think there is much one can do, except spread awareness. I would not recommend buying the "action kit" because they are purely ways to raise money for the cause...or so they say it's all for the cause. Looking into Tri, only about 30% of the profits go to the Ugandan cause, while the rest goes to film making, spreading awareness, and more. I believe that this money should be used at least 80% for the cause itself. Structurally, I think that the video is brilliant because it presents both arguments from authority and arguments from various peoples' different points of view. People from many different viewpoints, such as politicians, Ugandan kids, Ugandan kids that support the campaign, and a kid that was just told about the cause (Gavin), express their views on the Kony campaign, portraying the video maker's understanding of different viewpoints. However, this video was made as propaganda to sell people the idea of supporting this cause and to get them to donate their money to this cause. Therefore, the video did lack arguments opposing the campaign, such as criticism against it, because the video's sole purpose was to sell the idea of the campaign and to raise money. The filmmaker used a lot of "fancy and flashy" charts, images, and videos to sell the idea of the campaign. The filmmaker could have done more to explain the situation in Uganda from other peoples' points of view because I feel that I was less informed watching it the second time around (one really does need to watch the video a few times to become critical of it). The film maker failed to mention, with research I did on my own, that sources have said that Uganda is actually "fine" and no one has heard of Kony for twenty-six or so years. There will always be skeptics, but one has to organize their video logically in a way that they support the cause, show criticism, and then support the cause some more. Also, the filmmaker did not explain how Tri worked, simply saying that the audience should donate money to this organization to help support the Kony campaign. I would not feel safe donating my money to an organization I did not know much about. This was an effective way of getting public action because kids' minds are easily influenced and will most often believe what they see or are told, straight on. Many kids do support the cause today and I can even go on to say that probably half of them do not know the full truths of the campaign. I think that this was an effective way of getting government action because since the people became supporters because of the video, they pushed the government to do something to help Uganda, resulting in the first time the U.S. helped a foreign country without making any economic or political gains. If this cause were not one that people would support, the government would not have interfered. I think that the short term impact of this campaign will be that it will united people to fight for a cause to help children and humanity. A long term impact will be that it will perhaps bring the world closer together because in my opinion, the world needs to help each other out once in a while. With the world's help, each nation can stamp out corruption and evil in their borders. Also, in conclusion, hopefully this will bring about a new world attitude in which all countries help out each other in times of need so much that it results in a much safer world.

3/25/2012 03:37:15

Keeping aside that the campaign might be completely fake and talking as if I wholeheartedly believe this video, I would definitely support the "make Kony famous" campaign. It stands for a great cause and raises awareness in an attempt to try to help children. It is a noble cause and should be supported by everyone. The filmmaker uses many effective methods that help support his purpose and further convince the viewer and grab his/her attention. First, the filmmaker uses many visual methods like maps, pictures, and highlighted text documents. The pictures of the children, portraying them as people who are going through a lot of suffering, and Kony, portraying his as the evil villain, helps appeal to the viewers' sense of pathos, or appeal to emotion.
The filmmaker also does a brilliant job appealing to the viewers' sense of ethos, or appeal to credibility. What would make a person believe that video? What makes it credible? Well, for one, the author interviewed many famous, influential people, like senators, who express their support of the camping. The author also appealed to the viewers' sense of logos, or appeal to structure. First, he introduced the problem, then he introduced reasons why people should help and how their help would be effective. Finally, he introduced how the viewers can help. All this made the video easier to follow and more fun to watch, which helps the filmmaker get the viewers' support. The last thing that the filmmaker used to get the viewers' attention is the up-beat music, which helped add a sense of hope to a very gloomy situation.
The filmmaker explains the situation in Uganda well using maps and pictures, but he could have went more in depth when it come to describing Kony and his army as well as describing Uganda's position as a country and the Ugandan government is related to that particular issue. The video was definitely an effective method to get the public and the government's attention. A strong proof of that is that it was after the video was produced and after it had got world-wide support did the US senators meet the filmmaker and agree to send troops to help arrest Kony.
The short term impact of this camping is that the possibility of Kony being arrested and the Ugandan kids to continue a normal life would increase significantly. As for the long term impact, the video helps show people that their voice can make a difference and how just raising awareness can help people. People world-wide would no longer stand to see injustice done to other people in any part of the world.

3/25/2012 03:56:32

I really enjoyed watching the video on Kony and believe that the campaign on raising awareness is a good idea, but I’m not sure that we can really do much about it. But, if everyone in the world thinks that he/she can’t do anything and won’t make a difference, we will never find him and end this international crisis. Kony is a criminal that has been escaping for a long time and no one is certain where he can be. But raising awareness will help everyone around the world work together in order to try and find Kony and get the rights of the Ugandan people back. The filmmaker did a great job in filming Ugandan kids exposed to this problem and ones who were actually forced to kill their parents. I really enjoyed the part when Gavin was told about Kony and the campaign and what his viewpoint on it was. If we tell everyone about this problem all over the world, starting from small kids, we can really make a difference. Pictures, charts, and videos were used in order to portray the kids as people suffering and really do need help. Watching the video, I didn’t believe that the filmmaker did the best job he could in explaining the situation in Uganda. Personally, I would have liked to now more on how Ugandans are living now and if they are in danger. He should have mentioned when Kony was last seen abusing and killing people in Uganda and the current situation between the people. Also, I didn’t really get what the Tri thing was about. How can someone trust this organization and know that the money they donate will be used in order to help the campaign and try to find Kony? It would have been smarter if he talked about and explained Tri, and I believe that more people who have donated money then. This is certainly an effective way of getting public action because many people around the world never even heard about Kony and this made them aware of the problem. Once more people are aware, they will start raising awareness, buying kits, and donating money. However, I don’t think this was an effective way of getting government action. Governments don’t need videos or propaganda talking about a problem in order to take action. They already know the problems going on around the world and if they want to help, they will. I don’t think awareness and videos can really affect them greatly. I think the video could be improved by having the filmmaker explain and elaborate more on what Tri does and more on how we can act as individuals. A short term impact would be that the conditions in Uganda would be normal and we might even be able to find Kony and have him arrested. A long term impact is that everyone will learn that working together really makes a difference and in future problems, they will continue to work together as one in order to resolve anything.

3/25/2012 04:30:09

After watching the Kony video, I gained awareness of Joseph Kony and the LRA that he is running. I believe that the rest of the world should also consider gaining the knowledge of who Kony is and what he does. The filmmaker uses very smart techniques to grab our attention as viewers; children, music, and people that are taking a stand. Everyone either thinks the child is cute (Gavin) or feels sorry for the Ugandan children. He dumbs it down to people in a very intelligent way, instead of slowly explaining it and sounding dull, he brings in his son and gets us to personally know him, then puts us in his shoes and explains it to us as if we were five years old. This is a great way to get public action, government action, if not gained from the beginning, it usually comes in when many people gather in some public area. This cause, being something that would stop human killing and inhumane acts, is not a cause that should go on. If a person didn’t agree with stopping Kony, they would be a child killer and a heartless person. The video could be improved if it concentrated more about what they will do to Kony, not just him being prosecuted, moreover for them to tell us more about what they will do in Uganda to directly help the people, other than just raising money. The short term impacts will be that Kony will get famous, people will donate a lot of money, and people will dress up in Stop Kony merchandise because of a fad. The long term impacts would be that the Invisible children foundation is rich, Kony will probably get caught, and the United States will occupy Uganda for some natural resource (oil!).

3/25/2012 05:01:42

The video is great! I actually liked watching it very much. I had no idea who Kony was before watching it. Spreading awareness is what this video's purpose is and I think it has been achieved. The question is what if, by any chance, one of the viewers goes to Congo, Uganda, or wherever Kony is and sees him? What will he/she do? The point is that spreading awareness is not enough. The video can be improved if the maker(s) of this video tell the viewers what to do if any of them spots Joseph Kony.
The filmmaker uses both sympathy and our utmost love for children to get the viewers pumped up and to help them become eager to do ANYTHING to stop Joseph Kony. The maker of the video also describes the situation in Uganda well. I feel really bad for all these children who have lost their parents and their children because of Joseph Kony. He is doing what no other man can do. A heartless man such as Kony will not be affected by this video, but kindhearted people will do their best to stop whatever Kony is doing to the children. Not everyone will support this cause because everyone has problems of their own. However, if people see that their problems are trivial when compared to those of others, they will stop worrying so much about themselves and will start trying to help stop Kony.
I hope that over time, the Ugandan army, with aegis from the US military, will be able to capture Kony and wipe him off the face of the Earth. I also hope that that wouldn't take so much time. 30,000 children have been abducted and forced to kill their own parents. If we wait for a few more months I don't know if there will be any children left in Uganda!

Baheya Mansi
3/25/2012 05:44:39

"Stop Kony 2012" is an amazing movie, made by a very good director. I enjoyed watching the movie because the guy did a good job of explaining the identity of Joseph Kony and why he should be stopped. Many of us, including myself had no idea that this thing was happening that Kony excited. I think he should be stopped as soon as possible because kids are being tortured and we are not doing anything to help them. I think that he used sympathy to make the people feel the pain that these kids have been going through. I also liked the idea of using his own child that is extremely cute and lovable to make us feel bad for the Ugandan children because they do not have a childhood like American kids do. the filmmaker explains the situation in Uganda in a very good way: he first talks about his friend and how he met him, and then boy explains everything. The filmmaker then tells us what we can do to help stop Kony. I think that the only thing that we can do is to raise awareness and money and send it to the organization. I really liked the video and the way he organized it to make it look good. This really impressed me and got everyone's attention. Many people felt so bad for the kids and thought that they might help. The amount of people that were in the video is fascinating. The video spread around the world so fast and the reaction was so surprising.I really wish that Kony gets arrested as soon as possible and this never happens again.

3/25/2012 06:09:40

The campaign "make Kony famous" is spreading rapidly around the world, extremely quick, And that proves how successful the film maker was. His plan to make KONY FAMOUS succeeded. Now millions around the world are now aware of a guy and a situation that didn't even know exited. He used all the right tactics to get the audience's attention and support. Humans have a soft spot for children, that is why he was clever enough to use his son, and in that same picture show Jacob from Uganda. Without you seeing it or recognizing it he had you see what two different worlds are like. He grabbed our attention by showing us way happens to the kids that get abducted or the using of women as sex slaves. They way they are spreading this information, with the posters,t-shirts, and the KONY 2012 bracelets. He is also taking advantage of the social networks by getting celebrates and law makers to join this campaign, I think this spread faster and quicker than anyone excepted. Another great tactic that he uses that people that are taking a stand with the right music that gets you motivated and wanting to do the same.I personally think and believe if this works and we end up arresting Kony (which i think will happen in the long run) then the world will definitely change knowing that the world can agree and stand together against something that is right then we can definitely make a change in the world. What I think is going to happen on the short term, is that everyone around the world will be wearing or putting up Kony merchandise and he will probably get arrested. On the long run the world found out that we can all connect as one and we can make a change.

3/25/2012 06:38:21

I think that the campaign of making Kony famous is a great idea. It’s making the whole world aware of the fact that there are kids being abducted in Uganda. The video was very powerful in letting the world know about this situation. I think that the way they started this Kony project was great. They had a great plan in spreading awareness. First they started with a smaller group and then spread it around the whole world. Now most of the world is aware of the fact that there is a man named Kony there who is kidnapping kids and creating an army. The filmmakers did a great job by showing the kids of Uganda and had them come over to USA and talk to students and people there. It made this campaign more powerful and got more people involved in it. I think that the filmmaker should have explained a bit more about the situation in Uganda. He should have explained a bit more about Kony. I think he should have added a bit more about Kony and his background. I really liked their action kit because it has all the things you need for the campaign. It also great that they have created a website with the video and details of this Kony project.

AbdelRahman Zwein
3/25/2012 06:40:52

I think the campain is a very good one. It s veryy well organized, has a clear and precise purpose that is supported by many and is for a good cause. It convinces you that by making Kony famous you might possible save a child's life, just by shring the video and advocating the arrest of the criminal kony. The filmmaker uses sympathy to appeals to the audience and to get thrugh to them and to make them join his cause. He exlains the situatin extremely well, he explains who Kony is, what does he do? how is this affecting the population of the affected country and its children. In my opinion i do think that this method is a good way to go about to start solving this problem and leading to the arrest of the criminal Kony, by being loud, and by sharing this campaign with others and by people joining it will lead to it becoming a major movement, as it is now, which will drraw the country and the government's attention and will force them to act upon what the people want to avoid any discontent by a massive number of people. If this was something that most people would not support, the mothod of appealing to the sympathy of people would probably not work because most people will simply not care or realise that perhaps the claim or the final purpose of this video is not geniun or is not something worth supporting. One bad thing about this video is that it is thirty minutes long, most people will be too lazy to sit down and watch all that and take thirty minuets of their lives to watch a video for non-entertaning purposes, but other than that i thing the video is very well structured and organized. The short term is that it might cause a major movement against the murdering criminal, Kony. which will lead to the long term affect which is his arrest.

AbdelRahman Zwein
3/25/2012 06:43:38

I think the campain is a very good one. It s veryy well organized, has a clear and precise purpose that is supported by many and is for a good cause. It convinces you that by making Kony famous you might possible save a child's life, just by shring the video and advocating the arrest of the criminal kony. The filmmaker uses sympathy to appeals to the audience and to get thrugh to them and to make them join his cause. He exlains the situatin extremely well, he explains who Kony is, what does he do? how is this affecting the population of the affected country and its children. In my opinion i do think that this method is a good way to go about to start solving this problem and leading to the arrest of the criminal Kony, by being loud, and by sharing this campaign with others and by people joining it will lead to it becoming a major movement, as it is now, which will drraw the country and the government's attention and will force them to act upon what the people want to avoid any discontent by a massive number of people. If this was something that most people would not support, the mothod of appealing to the sympathy of people would probably not work because most people will simply not care or realise that perhaps the claim or the final purpose of this video is not geniun or is not something worth supporting. One bad thing about this video is that it is thirty minutes long, most people will be too lazy to sit down and watch all that and take thirty minuets of their lives to watch a video for non-entertaning purposes, but other than that i thing the video is very well structured and organized. The short term is that it might cause a major movement against the murdering criminal, Kony. which will lead to the long term affect which is, hopefully, his permanent arrest and punishment.

3/25/2012 06:55:37

Joseph Kony, a man who for over two decades has formed an army called the LRA out of abducted children through brutal methods and tactics, has gone from unexposed to the exposed. The director created a half-hour movie that explained what Kony does, how to spread awareness, and gaining the perspectives of the situation from Ugandan children that were in such struggles and people who support the cause against Kony, but also showing his son for the first time what he does. The video, like any video, ended up on YouTube, but its message was one of such significance that it sparked like a light in the dark; it burst like wildfire and rapidly received views, exposing the awareness of the campaign.

The director knew that people would not easily be convinced unless the video told the situation in such a way that people would end up being convinced, which is exactly what he did. He gained the viewers' sympathy through showing the realities of the children in this struggle, and then, once the viewers were aware of this, he began to show how they can support and help. Uses of talent, spreading of awareness, posters, the "Action Kit," and resuming the goal of getting Kony famous are shown as the methods used for the support and help.

Like in any situation, there will be those who agree, and those who disagree. Those who disagree may have other matters at hand that may or may not have its form of relevance in comparison to this. For example, some people could be facing problems in terms of the economy. They would not have the time to support a cause like this.

I think the video can be improved by getting more views from the Ugandan children. Receiving only one perspective from one person who was in this struggle is with no doubt not enough to fully convince most people, and if more Ugandan children were interviewed, it would have been more legitimate in its terms. Another point is that there should have been more information on what Kony does and on the LRA, to give people much more understanding of the situation rather than taking the information too briefly.

On the short term campaign, there will be the "fad," where everybody is spreading Kony campaign products all over the place, whether it's the bracelets or the t-shirts, and where there will be certain actions taken to stop Kony and bring justice to those who were part of such brutal methods. On the long run, this video shows that with the world now connected so socially and so expansively, we can act as one family, quickly being aware of a people's struggle and take action to help and protect them, or in the bigger term, we can all be there for one another. And with that, this shows that all of us can make a change as a people.

3/25/2012 15:31:23

I really enjoyed watching the kony 2012 video, as it convinced me to supporting the cause. Before watching the video, I had no idea who kony was, but now, no one doesn’t know who he is. I had already watched the video twice before watching it in class, and I it had my full attention every single time. What also made the video so interesting was the amount of effort that was put in the making of the movie. I was emotionally moved by the footage in the video. No child should live in fear of being killed or abducted from their family. What im unsure of is weather the filmaker has made the movie with the intentions to helping these children, or to make money out of the project. These thoughts weren't in my head till I read several of the criticism that the movie attracted, but I personally think that the movie was done with the intentions to help the Ugandan children. I think that the campaign "make Kony famous" is, in fact, a very well-thought and organized campaign. It had a tremendous effect on many people all over the world. The filmmaker uses techniques such as personal experience, his innocent son, and footage that proves whats happening there is real. The filmmaker sets his movie up in way where everything is covered. The situation in Uganda was thoroughly explained with detailed explanation of everything that is happening there. This is a great method of raising awareness around the world, also making the people feel that they can help change the world into a better place. This cause is one that everyone supports because, who wouldn't support saving innocent children? This video couldn't have been displayed better, but if i had to change one thing, i would probably add more to how does this movement not benefit the US. Short term impacts would be people buying the action kit which will give the KONY2012 lots of money to spend on the long term. The long term would be having the US government agreeing to send troops to Uganda, with the mission being to arrest Joseph Kony.

3/25/2012 15:56:53

I really enjoyed watching “Stop Kony 2012”.I think the campaign is made for a very good cause; this campaign might be fake, and just a scheme. If it isn’t a scandal, I think it is a great way to raise awareness of this situation. The only problem about Kony is that it is impossible to find him since he has been escaping for many years, and that people don’t really know where he is. People say he is in Congo or other neighboring countries. The only thing we can do is rise awareness to everyone around the world to help find him. Another way you can help is if you but the “Action Kit” off their website which includes posters, bracelets, and stickers. On April 20th at night, everyone in Major cities will go out at sundown and post posters EVERYWHERE for everyone to see in the morning. In the Video they said that if we wanted to donate money, we could donate through TRI. I don’t think doing that would be very smart since only 30% of that money is going to the Invisible Children. The other 70% is used for the Film Making and spreading awareness. The film maker uses many things to get attention. Some of them are using his son (Gaven). Another way he gets attention is the people standing together for that cause. The Kony 2012 video explains the situation in Uganda really well by filming the kids in Uganda such as Jacob. They also showed us how all of them sleep in one specific place so that all of them would be close to one another. The way they did it was very smart, by getting actors and important billionaires t help rise awareness such as: Bill Gates, Rihanna, Jay-Z, and many other important people. Even Barack Obama sent 100 troops into Uganda to help fid Kony. This campaign is really starting to boom, and hopefully they fill wild Kony in the near future.
The only question I have is, if they knew about Kony all that time, why did they just decide to try to find him? They could have taken care of it a long time ago.

3/25/2012 16:43:11

The “Stop Kony 2012” grabbed our attention as a whole. The video was filmed in a creative way and showed us how the situation in Uganda is really in need for assistance. The filmmaker created the video based on emotion. He used a Ugandan boy (Jacob) in the introduction to show us the sufferings he faced in his country. The filmmaker showed us the condition most children are living in Uganda, and how their requests for aid aren’t being responded to. The filmmaker used his five-year-old son in the video to get the viewers’ emotions in place one more time. He explained to his son who Kony is and how we are supposed to deal with him. Furthermore, the campaign itself is on the right track. The filmmaker sent his message publicly by completing this video. In it, he showed that he tried to reach government officials and meet with them. The use of “Kony 2012” Facebook pages and YouTube shares of the video extended the peoples’ knowledge of who Kony is. Also, the use of factors like “Kony 2012” bracelets, Joseph Kony posters, and public fundraisers is supporting the campaign worldwide. People all over the globe should support this campaign. The child abduction that is happening in Uganda is against human rights. People should consider the situation happening to their children and how they would reflect on it. The video could’ve improved if the filmmaker would’ve focused more on Kony. He should’ve showed more of Joseph Kony’s violence and the children that suffered. The short-term impact of this campaign is that people will show their support of the campaign using advertises and buying merchandise, US troops will assist the Ugandan army in finding Kony, and Joseph Kony will get famous. On the other hand, the long-term impact will be the capture of Joseph Kony, more people will focus on helping poor African Nations, and Uganda will rebuild itself as a nation.

3/25/2012 17:01:28

This video, “Stop Kony 2012,” really moved me and made me think about such vile crimes could never be thought of in countries like America and England. Here, Kony has been murdering children for over 2 decades and he has to be captured. International Criminal Court has ranked him as the top priority on their list of criminals. The filmmaker uses sympathy and our natural love for children to get our attention. He first starts out with showing us the situation in Uganda and showing Jacob and making us feel sympathy towards him. An uncertainty whether you will be abducted by Kony’s men is very touching to the audience throughout the world, no matter what age you are. Another way of conveying his purpose to the audience is through his son’s reaction towards the whole situation. Every father would instantly connect to this part just because they also wouldn’t something like that to happen to their own children. He explains the whole Uganda situation to the point of information he wants to give. He tells us many children are getting kidnapped, raped and being forced to kill their own parents. He doesn’t tell us about any economic problems going on in Uganda, but just the cons. The video did a great job on connecting with the audience, but the only way I could think of improving this video, is tell us more things that we could do to help. They told to create awareness and to them that is the most important way of solving the problems. He should speak more about where the money we donate goes into. The short term impacts of this video would be a internet marathon of sharing and uploading this video and people being very emotionally attached to this video. The long term impact of this video is that people would support any issue they see is worth supporting and would not be afraid to support a cause.

3/25/2012 17:34:02

In my opinion the campaign is great. It united people from all over the world for one good cause. The filmmaker used the people or the audience’s sense of sympathy to get his point through and to get people to join his cause, and to portray it as a humanitarian cause that needs everyone’s attention. He also get people to go down and actually stand for this cause in the streets as well as try to convince the government to interfere, but that all didn’t work so he urged the people to demand it, therefore the government is forced to take action in some sort of way in order to fulfill the people’s demands. He explains the situation perfectly; he organizes his structure and portrays the brutality and the monstrosity of the criminal Joseph Kony. He also interviews one of the native people of Uganda, Jacob, whom is a victim of Kony’s horrific deeds and appeals to the people’s sympathy and humanity. I believe this is a very successful method because it seems to be working so far, everyone is talking about this cause and everyone is talking about who Kony is. I believe if this cause was something that was not supported by most people then it would not have gotten this far, and it wouldn’t not have gained the people’s support or their sympathy. Some things that can be improved would be that the filmmaker did not provide a reason for Kony is doing this or when exactly was Jacob captured by Kony as well as how and when did he manage to escape. It also did not really explain why the video would expire on December 31, 2012, so adding that would have been something good. The short terms would be that all the people are working together and uniting for one cause rather than arguing and disagreeing. The long term would be the captured and imprisonment of Joseph Kony the international criminal and murderer.

3/25/2012 18:08:27

I really liked the kony video, i think it was informative an an eye opener to the problems around the world that we are unaware of. i think and i agree with the fild maker that making kony famous is a good startegy to make him know and facilitate his capture. the film maker uses the audience's humanity and try to make them feel bad for the victims of Kony who have to constantly live in fear, the invisible children. I think he explain the situation in Uganda very well, He explains that Joseph Kony is a world wide international criminial who, at the time was in uganda. He abducts children and forces them to kill their parents, and forces males to become boy soldiers and females to become sex slaves. I think making him famous is infact an efective way and that it is currently successful so far, almost everyone knows about Joseph Kony now and what he does, it is also a good way to get the governments to notice the people who are suporting this cause because they are so big in numbers. If this cause was something that most people would not support of believe then it probably would not have been successful and would not have gotten the attention it as gained today. i think the video is very good as it is and does not require changes. Hopefully long terms impacts would include the arrest of Joseph Kony and the return of all those children whose childhood has been stolen from them.

3/25/2012 18:19:47

The video was really effective. It talked about Kony and his abduction of children. The filmmaker used emotional motives like making his own kid talk about him. He explained about other kids like Jacob who was once abducted by Kony. It made an emotional effect on the audience. Those kids preferred death more than life. On top of that USA does not want to interfere in this matter. So that they start looking for Kony, there had been many campaigns taking place. However, he does not explain the situation with details. We hear a little about the situation from Jacob. Emotional pictures were used like all the poor children without appropriate shelter and in a miserable condition. Jacob also talks about his family. His brother’s neck was cut by Kony’s men and has been killed. Yes certainly people started acting against it. Even in our school we are doing a campaign against Kony by putting pictures and making Kony famous. The video could have had more details about Kony and his actions. Other than that the video grab bed the audience’s focus. These campaigns will make USA take steps against Kony and put a lot of effort to find him. Raising awareness will sure work and it soon might solve this problem.

3/25/2012 19:58:29

I think that Kony 2012 is a very edited movie that is bubbling with hidden motives. I personally believe many things other than what the video is trying to portray- I actually believe that this whole idea of "catch Kony" is made to really be a distraction. Not too long, the United States have found oil reserves under the grounds of Uganda. Is it coincidence that after eight years of trying to get awareness to Kony, this man claims that it happened on the very same year that they find oil? Would the United States really pay so much attention to such an issue? We have had Bin Ladin missing before, for much more than eight years, and yet I've never seen the United States protest in anger about finding them-have you? Why does it also happen to be that this "Kony" has only been brought to light now? I see history repeating before my eyes. I see Iraq, just as it started and ended, occurring right now. First there were suspicions of nuclear weapons in the country, then when none was found, we took their oil, along with many innocent civilians. I believe that the Untied States has anterior motives to take the oil from Uganda, and to enter the country initially, they must have a reason-this is their reason. Their reason, is Kony. If the United States can find an expert cult leader, who has been hiding for years on end, and finally kill him. How can they not find this man, Kony, who we know where he is, in the country of Uganda, and we know people from his army-why is this so difficult? Why must we send so many troops, and raise so much money? Shouldn't we be focusing on the hunger of the millions who are starving? If finding a killer who is building an army, more important than saving millions of children who are starving to death, then I can honestly say that I do not understand what the world has come too. Kony-so what! He is a killer, almost as bad as hitler, so they say-but, why all the attention? I'm speculating everything at this point. So much money being thrown at this cause, so many more reasons to enter Uganda-only time will tell, I suppose.


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